S-BMS Master Module

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S-BMS Master module monitors battery current with shunt resistor & hall sensor and controls connection to the charger & load over 2 separate paths via internal MOSFET’s. It also serves as a master module for the battery management system; sharing & gathering data to/from slave modules and evaluating warnings & alarms.

  • Connection with Bluetooth and Wireless
  • Supports up to 200 BMS Modules & up to 16 parallel strings
  • Fully programmable CANBus interface & charger control functions
  • Fully plug & play; detects connected modules, number of cells, number of sensors, number of strings and string shunts
  • Monitoring and control the systemwith RS-485, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • All module configuration can be managed using cross-platform V-BMS software.


Parameters Comments Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Supply Voltage 18 - 420 V
Battery Voltage 0 - 420 V
Maximum Battery Current -3200 - 3200 A
Current Mesurement Resolution 12 Bits
Current Measurement Error -1 - 1 %
Temperature Sensors 2
Charge Port Precharge Time 1 - 30 Seconds
Charge Port Hiccup Time 1 - 30 Seconds
Load Port Precharge Time 1 - 30 Seconds
Load Port Hiccup Time 1 30 Seconds
Total Contactor Drive Power 30 Watts
Contactor/Relay Output Voltage 24 V
MODBus baudrate 9600 - 115200 Bps
CANBus baudrate 125 - 1000
Number of CANBus messages - - 8
USB baudrate 9600 - 115200 Bps
Bluetooth baudrate 38400 Bps
Sleep Mode Power Consumption - - 2 W
Operational Power Consumption - 7 40 W
Operational Temperature Range -40 - +50 C
Humidity Level 0 - 95 %Rh
Altitude 6000 m
Weight Including Case 375 gr
Functional Features Battery current measurement using either external shunt or hall sensor wirth voltage output (5VDC hall power)
Separate contactor and precharge relay drive outputs with 24 VDC 15 Watt output per contactor & 24 VDC 5 Watt output per relay
Automatic module addressing, serial cell / parallel string detection (up to 200 modules / up to 16 parallel strings)
Automatic module detection, hard power control for slave modules
Serial over Bluetooth connectivity with MODBus RTU protocol
Wi-Fi connectivity with MODBus TCP protocol, max. 8 simultaneous connection
Fully programmable CANBus baudrate (125/250/500/1000 kbit/sec)
Up to 4 information/control message with programmable period, length and 16 bit fields
Charger Start/Stop/Pause/Resume messages with programmable length and 16 bit fields
Available CANBus fields; Battery voltage, Battery Current, Max. Charging Voltage, Max. Charging Current, Charging Current Percentage, Minimum Cell Voltage, Maximum Cell Voltage, Minimum Cell Temperature, Maximum Cell Temperature
Selectable scale / programmable offset for battery/charging voltage, battery/charging current, percentage fields
Charger Detection over CANBus
Configurable MODBus port; 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps, 8 data bits, 2 Stop bits or Odd/Even Parity with 1 Stop bit
Supported MODBus commands; Read Input Registers, Read Holding Registers, Write Single/Multiple Registers
Password protection for Holding (Configuration) Registers
Fully configurable over MODBus slave port
Periodic data sharing/gathering to/from slave modules, warning & alarm control, balancing control
Port control with single function button
Safety Features Programmable load current warning & alarm levels
Programmable charge current warning & alarm levels
Module high temperature protection
Communication timeout/error protection
ALARM output for critical errors

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