Ultrasonic Spray Coating System

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Ultrasonic coating device can be used for R & D production in a wide range of sectors. The use of ultrasonic spray coating on the basis of the process and the advantages are as follows.

In the energy sector;

Production of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Generators (Electrolysers): Electrodes used in electrochemical systems, such as fuel cells, hydrogen electrolysers, can be produced with reproducible and complete automation with very low cost of catalyst loss at high performance with the proposed technology.

In Solar Panel Production;

Thin-film solar panels with ultrasonic spray coating can be produced very economically and in high quality. The loss of expensive material is minimum. Because the process does not require high vacuum, it is very suitable for economical series production. The quality and thickness of the coating are uniform. Transparent conductive surface / contact surface (ITO, CdO, ZnO, SnOED), active layer (CIS, CdTe + CdS etc.), PEDOT (polymer active layer), and anti-reflection layers are all possible. In the Production of Silicon Solar Panel: During the conversion of silicon photovoltaic cells to the solar panel, the cells must be soldered together with the conductor bars. The flux required for this process can be applied to the bus soldering zone in a thin line, both fast and without material loss.

In the electronics industry;

Photoresist Coating: It is ensured that the photoresist material, which will be covered in card production or in MEMs area, will be coated both uniformly and in thickness on the surface and the material losses are very low. It is possible to coat a film of uniform thickness on the surface or on the surface pit areas and side surfaces. Flux Application: It is possible to coat the electronic card surface as a thin layer and selectively flux the region.

Protective Film Coating: It is possible to selectively apply protective coating on the surface of the completed card, without the need for any other textures.

Other Applications;

OLED display panels, High-value glass coverings, Food industry, Medical (stent, balloon catheter, etc.), blood and so on. Sample tube coating, prosthetic coating etc. In many other sectors, it can be successfully used in both R & D and mass production.

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