Temperature Controlled Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode (MEA) Press

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Press Force: 20 Ton
Voltage: 110V
Lifting: Pneumatic
Sale price$10,000.00


HP-MEA-202 is a temperature controlled press that can apply force up to 20 tonnes for precision work. With the pneumatic lifting feature, the pressure plate can be lifted up easily and quickly by pressing a single button. It saves time and enables the operator to perform repetitive operations without fatigue.

 By adjusting the pneumatic pressure from the air pressure regulator on the front panel, the hydraulic pressure can always be applied to the same pressure force. This feature ensures that the same pressure is easily achieved in repeated operations.

 Precise temperature control is provided by PID temperature controllers.

MEA Press 3D Drawing

(Note: To see the drawing, after downloading the file please enable the 3D content)

Major uses;

  • Fuel Cell MEA production
  • Production of precision hot rubber parts
  • Laboratories
  • Thermoset plastic production

 Technicial Specifications:

  • Printing force: 20 Ton, 30 Ton (Optional)
  • Active Area: 22cm x 22cm ground surface
  • Compression system: Manual and air assisted
  • Temperature control: 250 ° C PID (optionally lower and upper plate temperatures can be controlled separately)
  • Compressed air requirement: 5-8 bar (for pneumatic lifting function)
  • Power: 220V 50-60Hz 3600W
  • Weight: 210kg
  • Working range (stroke): 125mm
  • Maximum working opening: 220mm

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