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The technique of the process of forming a thin film on the surface at high speeds being applied in a manner such as spinning, flat surface, wafer. Spin coater is a widely used and versatile technique for laying thin films on a substrate or flat material bond with accurate and controllable film thicknesses.

Spin coaters are systems used for homogeneous thin coating on flat samples. Material less than the shipment of the consignment is sampled into the system as the consignment material at speeds up to 10k rpm. Continue rotating the film until the desired ones are achieved. . Minimum film thickness packaging.

The L Spin-04 spin coater is ideal for thin film preparation. With a wide range of cleaning samples from 5mm samples to 4 visual samples, it allows you to cover your sampling photoresist, polymer, etc. materials in a way. It can be stored in up to 20 memories and both user-friendly and easy to use.


  • Rotation speed: 200-12000rpm
  • Vacuum sample holders: Different sample holders for sample sizes 5-100mm
  • Possibility to save 20 recipes consisting of 10 programmable steps
  • Easy control with 5 inch touch screen for all functions
  • Removable and washable high chemical resistant PTFE coating chamber


Technical Specification:


Sample Dimensions: φ5-φ100 mm
Speed Range : 200-10000 RPM
Speed Resolution: 10 RPM

User Interface: 5 inch Touch Screen
Comunication Interface: USB (standart)
Stykus Touch Pen: (standart)

Operating Mods

Quick Start: Single Step acceleration/coating and adjustable coating speed.
Program Mode: 20 recipe with programmable and recordable consist of 10 step

Electricity/ Power
AC100-250V /200W

250mm (W) X 300mm (D) X 275mm (H)

Device Weight

Operating Conditions
Ambient Temperature: 0-40°C
Ambient Humidity : < 85%

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