Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells Testing Hardware

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Size: 5cm2
Type: Type-1
Input Voltage: 120V
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Phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFCs) use an electrolyte composed by concentrated phosphoric acid (H3PO4) dispersed in a silicon carbide matrix. The electrodes are composed by dispersed platinum particles on a porous graphitic substrate [15]. The presence of platinum increases substantially the cost of this kind of FC and makes it CO-sensitive, impeding the use of fuel mixture with more than 1.5% of CO. PAFCs operate at temperatures around 200°C and show system electrical efficiencies around 40%

A specific test cell for Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell was introduced to solve test problems.  A unique and tested cell design allows the flow battery to be sealed at low pressure and maintain uniform compression.  All of the manifolds are isolated from touching metal components; thus eliminating corrosion in the path of the acidic liquid electrolyte.


✔ Machined graphite separator plates
✔ Gold plated current collectors
✔ Banana plugs for monitoring voltage
✔ Belleville washer
✔ Built-in silicon rubber heaters (120 watt) for maintaining cell temperature
✔ Nylon fitting/SS nut for gas tight connection to 1/4” tubing

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