Hydrogen Oxygen MEA - 5 Layer

Size (cm): 2.2x2.2
Sale price$130.00


High performance Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) where performance and efficiency is critical. They can be used in Hydrogen/Air or Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel cells.  The most economical high performance MEA on the market, the standard configuration features a high Platinum loading (4 mg/cm²) and a 0.005” membrane (Nafion™ 115) with a 365 um thick carbon cloth GDL (others available). Custom sizes and configurations are also available with no minimum order quantities and typical lead times of 1 to 5 days, even for custom configurations. These Hydrogen Oxygen MEAs are 5-Layer.


Active Area

Membrane Area

2.2cm x 2.2cm

10.0cm x 10.0cm

5.0cm x 5.0cm

10.0cm x 10.0cm

7.1cm x 7.1cm

13.0cm x 13.0cm

10.0cm x 10.0cm

13.0cm x 13.0cm

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