Heated Vacuum Table

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TST300 is a heated vacuum plate with a surface in excellent thermal homogeneity which can be used up to 200 ° C in 30cm x 30cm dimensions. Thanks to its thin profile thickness, it can be used with manual or computerized ultrasonic spray coating systems. The gas diffusion layer, which is desired to be coated, fixes the surface of the membrane, etc., to the surface by vacuum, while the volatile solvents such as water and alcohol in the catalyst ink coated with the temperature distribution in perfect homogeneity, allow the surface to move away from the surface rapidly. Thanks to the high quality aluminum material used in aviation and anodized surface treatment, it can be used without being scratched for years. ER-TC101, ER-TC102 etc. With our range of temperature control devices, you can easily cover your electrodes with precise and reliable PID temperature control.

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