H-12 Horizon Fuel Cell

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Horizon’s H-12 PEM Fuel Cell System is a very light and compact system. It is applicable for various small projects with its 12 Watt air fed / air cooled, hydrogen fuel cell. The biggest advance of H-12 fuel cell is being air cooled; meaning that there is no need for water cooling systems with complex structures. This product comes as a kit together with hydrogen supply valve, control electronics and air blower.


✔ Integrated fan and casing
✔ 12W stack with blower

Technical Details

Number of Cells


Rated Power

12 W

Rated Performance

7,8V @ 1.5 A

Hydrogen Supply Valve Voltage

6 V

Purging Valve Voltage

6 V

Blower Voltage

5 V


Hydrogen and Air

Ambient Temperature

5 – 30 C; (41 – 86 F;)

Max Stack Temperature

55 C (149 F)

Hydrogen Pressure

0.45 – 0.55 Bar




Air (integrated cooling fan)

Controller Weight


Stack Weight (with Fan & Casing)

275g ± 30g

Hydrogen Flow Rate at Max Output

0.18 L/min

Stack Size


Hydrogen Purity Requirement

≥ 99.995% (dry H2)

Start up time

≤ 30s (ambient temperature)

Efficiency of System

40% at 12V


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