TIC-95 Ionic Conductivity Cell

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The sample test membrane that Ionic Conductivity Cell holds can be integrated to standard test stand to regulate different parameters. Precise evaluation of membrane conductivity and resistance can be done via TIC-95’s ability to separate ion flow vs. ion creation voltage drops. Design is focused for in-plane, four probe platinum wire electrode measurement; and it can be used with 5, 10, and 25cm² fuel cell test hardware. The advantage of the 4-electrode in-plane conductivity measurement is the ability to measure impedance (resistance) due only to charge transport and exclude interfacial and charge transfer resistances


  • In-plane, four electrode technique
  • High temperature testing (to 120°C)
  • Your existing fuel cell test system’s humidity and pressure can be controlled
  • Tests pure membrane samples. Fabrication of a catalyzed sample (CCM or MEA) is not required.
  • Membrane Conductivity Clamp is removable so clamp can be used for tests in a beaker or a humidity chamber

Operating Parameters:

  • Can be used with 5, 10, and 25 cm² fuel cell test hardware
  • Temperature: Up to 120°C
  • Gas Flow Rates and pressure: Customer’s test stand parameters determines

Note: Please note that this product can be used:

  • as it is for membrane conductivity testing
  • OR by adjusting your own system and integrating 
  • OR together with our products listed below:

- Flow Battery Test Cell 

- PEM Fuel Cell Hardware (Please inform us about your application for seamless connection) 


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