Back Pressure Control Module

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The back pressure control module enables control of system pressures in fuel cell testing, including gas phase, gas-liquid phase, or liquid phase fuel cells such as DMFC, DEFC, or laboratory setups such as PEM and SOFC, within the pressure range of 0-4 bar. This system offers a fully automated test integration and is able to handle two-phase flow (condensed water) without the need for a water trap before the regulator. The back pressure adjustment is straightforward and highly reliable, with the pressure build-up starting after the operator adjusts the pilot air pressure.

 The operating pressure is then strictly adjusted and balanced according to the pilot pressure. The module is stable at extremely low or high flow rates and offers high precision with low dead volume. It is also chemically compatible with aggressive materials and can be produced practically with any material.

 It is suitable for use in;

  • Fluid Batteries,
  • Direct Methanol or Ethanol Fuel Cells,
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells,
  • Formic Acid Fuel Cells and Other Applications.


The back pressure adjustment can be made manually with a manual pressure regulator or precision regulator, or electronically using an electronic pressure controller.

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